This page contains a list of all previous webinar presentations and, if available, a recording of the webinar.

September 7th 2020: Dr. Karin van der Wiel (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI))

Ensemble climate-impact modelling: extreme impacts from moderate meteorological conditions

August 3rd 2020: Dr. Sarah Schlunegger (Princeton University)

Large Ensemble Intercomparison of Anthropogenic Changes in Marine Biogeochemistry

(presentation starts at 3:00; discussion starts at 46:00)

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July 6th 2020: Dr. John Fyfe (CCCma)

Quantifying the Influence of COVID-19 Emission Reductions on Climate, and Other Applications of the New CanESM5 Super Large Ensemble

(presentation starts at 1:38; discussion starts at 39:00)

June 8th 2020: Dr. Clara Deser (NCAR)

Isolating the Evolving Contributions of Anthropogenic Aerosols and Greenhouse Gases: A New CESM1 Large Ensemble Community Resource

(presentation starts at 2:50; discussion starts at 41:00)

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