In this series of virtual seminars, invited speakers will give a ~30 minute presentation, followed by up to 30 minutes of discussion. The whole webinar session is limited to 60 minutes.

EGU special

For the next webinars taking place in May, we have a special format: for each webinar (duration 1 hour), we invite 3 speakers who also present in the SMILE session at EGU to talk about their work.


Monday May 10, 5pm (CEST), 11am (EDT), 9am (MDT): EGU special part 1

Alexandra Jahn: Forced Changes in the Arctic Freshwater Budget Emerge in the Early 21st Century

Karin van der Wiel: Physical storylines of future European drought events like 2018 based on ensemble climate modelling

Nicole Ritzhaupt: Robustness of projections of European precipitation for seasonal means and seasonal extremes

Monday May 17, 5pm (CEST), 11am (EDT), 9am (MDT): EGU special part 2

Timo Kelder: Seasonal predictions as a high-resolution large ensemble to study extreme events over recent decades

Gabrielle Dallaire / Richard Arsenault: Calibration of a reinforcement learning method with the ClimEx large ensemble and a weather generator for water management

Christopher Callahan: El NiƱo variability mediates 21st century growth effects of climate change

In June, we will resume with the standard format: one webinar per month with an invited speaker.